Native Christmas Tree

So I can be a bit of a grinch when it comes to Christmas, it makes it hard when your kids are feeling the christmas cheer and really, really want to be festive. Nothing wrong with being festive its just all the rubbish that seems to go along with it, the rubbish you have to BUY to be cheery and then mainly ends up in landfill after 10 minutes of appreciation. Normally for me Christmas trees come under this ‘rubbish’ category too and I leave it up to other family members to have the responsibility for the tree and most of the presents, but this year I have found a solution which is bringing me and the kids more than 10 minutes of joy!


A Native Christmas Tree of Course! add some hand-made decorations and some from the op-shop and Tadaah!

This is¬†Adenanthos sericeus or Woolley Bush from WA, I am aiming to keep mine in the pot, I will pot it up in a month and leave it somewhere in part shade in the garden and drag it out again next year. Hopefully it will last for years and years as it wasn’t cheap, but fresh cut pine trees aren’t cheap either and they barely last a month, and well plastic ones? just not an option.

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  1. Julia on

    Yeah. That looks really nice. I like to have that tree later in my garden as well.

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