Luscious green screen: Myoporum acuminatum

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Some native plants are just so useful and practical I really don’t understand why we don’t see them being utilised everywhere…. and Myoporum acuminatum is one of them. It is a mystery to me why this very fast growing , dense small tree or large shrub is not used more often in our residential streetscape 🤨

Myoporum acuminatum as a street tree

In the image above you can see a large specimen provisioning much needed shade in a Sydney residential street. This species can grow anywhere from 3 metres to 5 metres both high and wide, because of its fast growth rate it is a great choice for an area which requires summer shade.

The leaves are medium to large and are somewhat fleshy like many Myoprum species. They are a luscious bright green and make an excellent privacy screen. Perfect for planting next to unwanted neighbouring views.

The white and purple flowers appear mainly in Summer, however Myoporum acuminatum can spot flower throughout the year, attracting pollenating insects and small birds, the following fruit will attract the larger fruit eating parrots.

Myoporum acuminatum can be pruned to shape as a small tree as seen above or kept clipped as a large hedge. It will tolerate part shade but really prefers full sun and a well drained soil, so if you are looking for some quick growing foliage to look out or are planning for the hotter months later in the year, on why not give this Myoporum a try!


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