Floating Birdbath

Introducing the ‘Floating’ bird bath, I am so happy with this design, the spun copper dish sits atop a steel tripod made of thin rods and two rings, the base simply disappears into the garden if you want it to. The steel tripod stands at 1 metre high, it is the tallest of all the bases I have made so far, please see the image above with my dog posing for size reference  he is a medium sized furry friend 😉

This bird bath can be purchased over here.


The tripod will be painted with anti-rust paint which may darken the colour a little, but is necessary for retaining the life of the metal.


I think this bird bath would look good surrounded by low growing shrubs or grasses so that it appears to rise up out of the foliage, however in these images I have photographed it on the mulch, for you to see the structure.


The steel stand’s dimensions are 500mm x 300mm x 1000mm. The dish is 780mm wide x 50mm deep, and holds 12 litres of water.

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  1. K A Blades on

    Very nice. Just what I’m looking for, if I can afford it.

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