The Mini Dish

Please welcome “The Mini” dish to my bird bath family, yes, they have been breeding and this is the result šŸ˜‰ a small shallow bird bath that holds 2 litres of water and is 420mm wide x 25mm deep. In the image below you can see how they compare in size to the large dish. This size has been created as I was getting requests from clients with small gardens for something that would be more in scale with their outdoor space.

This bird bath can beĀ purchased over here.


They look great sitting on a piece Ā of steel pipe or with their own mini sandstone plinths.


The copper will develop a blueish patina or verdigrisĀ over time that will seal and strengthen the dish.


This bird bath can beĀ purchased over here.

6 replies on “The Mini Dish”

  1. Vanessa on

    Hi Kath

    How much does a Mini Dish weigh?
    Thanks in advance.

    Vanessa Smith.

  2. Ann Joliffe on

    Lovely birdbaths and dishes etc !!
    Is there a stockist in Queensland Australia preferably near Brisbane?
    Thank you

  3. Karen on

    Is the depth of the mini dish really just 2.5mm or 25mm bynany chance?
    What is the postage of the mini dish to WA?

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