Floating Birdbath


This is the new steel tripod stand for my spun copper dishes, this stand is designed to disappear into the plants in a garden bed. It is made up of three thin metal rods that taper and attach to a steel ring on which the dish sits upon. This bird bath can be purchased over here.


There are two finishes. The first uses Micaceous Iron Oxide paint, a solid sealant and protectant against rust, this is the stuff they paint the Sydney Harbor bridge with ;). The second is made with Coreten steel: a steel designed to form a protective coat of rust.


The stand is a matt dark grey which looks great against the copper, I recommend placing the stand on some pavers or bricks in the garden, to ensure longevity.


The floating steel stands come in 3 heights:

510mm – small
760mm – medium
1000mm – tall







5 responses to “Floating Birdbath”

  1. Annette Cole


    I love the look of your birdbaths.
    Does the stand come with the birdbath as the original ring did? If not how much is it?
    Also, I presume that copper is safe for birds?
    Also, the baths that are sitting on stone or wood – are they simply sitting on top or are they cleverly attached with the 3 different points that you suggest?


    1. Kath Gadd

      Hi Annette,

      The spun copper dishes when sold without a stand come with a ring so you can sit them on a log, the ground or another stand you may have. The steel floating stands come as an extra all the combinations can be found on my online shop https://shop.malleedesign.com.au/collections/frontpage/products/floating-steel-stand-bird-bath
      When bought with a sandstone plinth or recycled hardwood stand they sit on our copper rings for stability, nothing is fixed to allow for easy cleaning and refilling.

      There is also information on the birdbath website about toxicity in water held in copper

      Best Wishes,


  2. Tina

    Hi thete, I’m loving the Tripodi bird bath. What is the diameter of the bath please? Also is the bath made from copper and finished in a Corten steel ? Does the Corten continue to oxidise and isn’t it toxic to bird life?

    1. Kath Gadd

      Hi Tina,

      Thanks for the message you can find all the details of the dishes and their stands in the following link https://shop.malleedesign.com.au, please also see this link for details about copper toxicity to birds https://shop.malleedesign.com.au/pages/birds-and-the-possibility-of-copper-toxicosis

      Best Wishes,


  3. brian harmer

    Magnificent-I’ve gotta have one!

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