The Collectors Plant Fair 2016

I am going to have a stall at The Collectors Plant Fair next month selling my spun copper bird baths and I can’t wait! I have been a fan of this event since it was held in Bilpin, every year now it grows bigger and better and is a haven for fellow plant nerds 😉 This year there are going to be 7 stalls specialising in native plants Hoorah! I have made a list of them below:

Ausplants Nursery, NSW. Grafted grevillea, eremophila, emu bush, grafted gums, bush foods and other natives.

Bilby Blooms, NSW. Rare and unusual native Australian plants, including black grevillea.

Darvall Nursery, NSW. Native bush food species, tea and coffee plants, waratah.

Gardening with Angus Stewart, NSW. Kangaroo paws.

Macquarie Native Orchids, NSW. Native epiphytic orchid species and hybrids.

Sun Valley Plants, VIC. Grafted Australian plants including gums, grevillea, banksia, emu bush and woolly bush.

Vaughan’s Native Plants, VIC. Grafted flowering Australian plants for the native plant enthusiast.

I am particularly excited to see Vaughans will be coming up from down south, this will be their first year at the fair. Please follow the link to a post I wrote on last years native plant growers at the fair,


I will be selling the large and mini spun copper dishes and the various stands and pedestals, I will only be bringing limited numbers so it might be a good idea if you know you would like something to contact me beforehand and I can place it on hold for you. Otherwise come and say ‘hello’ and enjoy the atmosphere and native plant collecting 😉




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