Recycled hardwood pedestal bird bath

Here’s Kath’s latest design prototype for a bird bath stand. It is made of recycled hardwood timber, in a similar vein to the tripod design, but employs a more formal geometry. Its upright structure retains a lightness that begets an undergrowth of medium-height ornamental natives.

The recycled bird bath can be purchased over here.


The bird bath dish itself remains the simple elegant hand-spun copper bowl Kath uses on her other designs.

What results is the appearance of a sparkling floating dish (depending on the extent of oxidation on the copper) that invites and serves your local indigenous fauna to feast and play within your garden’s confines. (note: written by Etienne)


The stand’s dimensions are 320mm x 320mm x 930mm. The dish is 780mm wide x 50mm deep, and holds 12 litres of water.










3 responses to “Recycled hardwood pedestal bird bath”

  1. kerryn young

    We are very interested in purchasing the recycled hardwood pedestal birdbath.
    Can you give us a cost for delivery to Mount Waverley in Melbourne
    many thanks Kerryn

  2. Sergio Jeloscek

    We are very interested in purchasing the recycled hardwood pedestal birdbath and would it be possible to reduce the size of the copper birdbath bowl to 600mm ??
    Can you give us a cost for delivery to Adelaide in South Australia and whether the size change is possible
    Kind Regards

    1. Kath Gadd

      Hi Sergio,

      Unfortunately we aren’t producing the hardwood pedestal anymore. We do, however, already have a 600mm diameter birdbath available for purchase. This is our Medium Copper Dish, and can be viewed here:
      Price includes delivery.

      All the best,

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