Woolly Pomaderris should be seen more often: Pomaderris lanigera

This is a plant that whenever I see it in the bush or in a garden situation I wonder why I don’t use it more often, I love the soft fury leaves and large structured panicle heads that hold hundreds of tiny nectar rich flowers.

Pomaderris lanigera puts on a wonderful show in spring and grows well in the harshest conditions, from dry shade to full sun, it is often found along creek banks and in moist gullies.


This is a quick growing species to between 1 and 3 metres it could be pruned to create a feature shrub or used as habitat in a wildlife garden. Pomaderris lanigera can be found growing naturally all along the NSW coast and inland past the border ranges. These photos were taken in the blue mountains.

This plant should be able to be sourced from local council nurseries or bush regeneration growers, as its seeds are often collected for Natural Area restoration.


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