On my recent trip to Tasmania I was lucky enough to be able to co-ordinate myself and my family to visit this reasonably new open garden in Margate. Inverawe Native Gardens are Tasmania’s largest Landscaped Native Gardens which is quite a feat considering it has been created by just two people, devoted gardeners Margaret and Bill Chestnut. The garden is huge on 9.5 Ha and sits atop a slope with a beautiful view of North West Bay, just near Margate.

Entrance to the garden and view of the water framed by native planting.


The garden is extremely well landscaped with pathways and stairs making the entire block accessible. When we were there the Brachteanthas were out, I have never seen such large plantings so happy, Margaret explained how they pop up by themselves now and have self seeded all over the place!


The plantings are dense and well organised with sections devoted to certain Genus and other sections simply planted as a microclimate.
There are sculptures and art pieces displayed around the garden making it a great “discovery” adventure for kids and adults.


The gardens are still under construction in certain areas such as the Tasmanian indigenous section and Rabbit Hill Lookout, tis was one of my favourite places,placed on a small peninsula on the southern end of the garden where it has been left reasonably open and there are large beds of Banksias (my favourites). I love the view to the wetland and the grassy area full of sculptures.


Unfortunately we ran out of time, well we got hungry so had to cut the visit short, but if you were more organised there are beautiful spots to have tea or a picnic. Below is a photo of the Tea Terrace, being shaded by a wonderful big Eucalyptus leucoxylon Rosea. A favourite shade tree of mine.

P1090783This garden really is worth checking out, there is a lot of bird life and they run breakfasts with the birds mornings regularly. Margaret and Bill also sell native plants and a more then happy to have a chat, they are very welcoming hosts.





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