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  • Keith’s Garden

    Keith’s Garden

    This is my friend Keith’s native front garden in Bulli, I have wanted to take photos of this garden for a long time and on a recent visit finally remembered my camera. Phew! I had to snap quickly as the sun was setting and the mozzies were out. The garden is located on the escarpment…

  • Hardy Plants for a Pre-school Garden

    Hardy Plants for a Pre-school Garden

    I was given the pleasure of helping to build part of my daughters pre-school garden last year, they had a drawing from a few years back and hadn’t been able to afford to do anything with it. They are a not for profit Pre-school and have a wonderful base of talented teachers and passionate parents.…

  • Portfolio: Marrickville Sketch Design

    Portfolio: Marrickville Sketch Design

    This is a garden that I have been visiting for a couple of years now, each time I spend an hour or two doing some sketches for the owners to move to the next ‘stage’. It is a wonderful garden spilling over with healthy plants, edibles mixed in with exotics and natives all thriving and…

  • Inverawe Native Gardens

    Inverawe Native Gardens

    On my recent trip to Tasmania I was lucky enough to be able to co-ordinate myself and my family to visit this reasonably new open garden in Margate. Inverawe Native Gardens are Tasmania’s largest Landscaped Native Gardens which is quite a feat considering it has been created by just two people, devoted gardeners Margaret and…

  • Daisies make me happy

    Daisies make me happy

    I went to the Blue Mountains over the long weekend and not only at Mt Tomah gardens, but also on the property I was staying, the paper daisies were popping up their sunny heads. 

  • Yellow and grey green

    Yellow and grey green

    This is the paper daisy Bracteantha bracteata growing amongst a bed of Themeda ‘Mingo’, the grass creates a beautifully soft looking ground cover that sets off the strong shape and colour of the daisy.