Frogs, ponds and native water plants: Nymphoides crenata

So this is one of our little friends that likes to visit our pond. Pond is probably too grand a name for it really, it is just an old bath set into the ground where I can grow Australian native water plants, with varying degrees of success.

You see the pond is in fairly heavy shade and I have found many of the water plants need more sun, but this Purple mozaic – Nymphoides crenata has been a great surprise, flowering in shade! We always have frogs eggs in the pond but often the frogs “disappear” or are found injured due to the carnivorous birds that live in the Eucalupts above. I am waiting for the midyim berry, Dianellas and Lomandras to offer refuge by hanging over the edge. But the Nymphoides has been a wonderful as is has these miniature lily pad leaves that spread out and cover the surface of the water, making a stunning pattern.


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