Another top Paperbark: Melaleuca viridiflora ‘Burgundy Weeper’

This October has been  paperbark appreciation month for me, I love melaleucas as they will grow so easily in difficult heavy soils and their flowers are rich in nectar for birds and bees alike. Melaleuca viridiflora ‘Burgundy Weeper’ is no exception, it covers itself in deep reddish purple flowers attracting honey eaters and bees.

Melaleuca viridiflora ‘Burgundy Weeper’ as the name suggests has a gentle weeping habit and a wonderful papery bark. It grows to between 6-8 metres in a dense reasonably narrow habit, making it a perfect medium feature tree for suburban gardens and an excellent street tree.

This Melaleuca was photographed in Autumn and will also flower in Spring, like many of the Callistemons it seems you get two showy flowering times a year.

This Melaleuca is not often seen in nurseries but it is worth trying to hunt down if you have the time, its a gorgeous, hardy, quick growing tree and it would be great to see it used more often, the birds will thank you too 🙂


2 thoughts on “Another top Paperbark: Melaleuca viridiflora ‘Burgundy Weeper’

  1. Fay Donovan on

    I have been trying to buy 3 melaleuca viridiflora burgundy trees and haven’t been able to source them. I live in Townsville. Do you stock them or do you knoe where I can buy them to be sent to Townsville?

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