Trialling Casuarina ‘Green Wave’

I love Casuarinas, all of them, from ground covers through to trees, their rusty red hue when they are in flower or lush green shaggy habit. They are tough, versatile and very varied in their shapes and forms.

P1170291 I discovered Casuarina glauca ‘Green Wave’ a couple of years ago, there wasn’t much information out about it but I fell in love with its possibilities, the label claimed it would be quick growing, low maintenance and salt tolerant and grows to be a thick, dense shrub of 2m high x 2m wide.


I have put it in several gardens, but it has been in this Bundeena garden the longest, almost 2 years now. In that time the client has pruned it once or twice to accentuate its ball shape.



It is performing beautifully, every specimen is full and round without die back or holes to be seen anywhere. They have been planted in a range of positions from full sun to part shade.



In the image above you can see how to foliage reaches to the ground creating a thick continuous screen.



Casuarina ‘Green Wave’ looks great planted as a feature shrub with other mounding species of similar size but with contrasting leaf as seen above. Or in groups or on masse make the most of its naturally spherical shape.



I have planted them with Leucophyta brownii which has a similar habit but is a bit smaller and contrasts well with its upright silver foliage. They also look great with soft weeping grasses, dwarf Banksias and upright shrubs like Adenanthos and Calothamnus quadrifidus. I think they are suitable as a ‘backdrop’ plant, and also make a fantastic screen.

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  1. I love casuarinas’ too, and this one looks fantastic. Thanks for sharing your experience with its’ performance in the garden. I’ve added it to my plant palette and look forward to utilising it in a design.

  2. Morven on

    Hi. I would love to know if I can it this plant online?. I live in Perth And haven’t been able to find anywhere. If you are able to advise would be appreciated.
    Thank you

  3. Christina on

    Hello, is there a nursery in Victoria that has these beauties?

  4. Stock Maiden on

    Hi Kath,
    Do you know where I could get larger plants of Green wave, in Sydney. (I would prefer larger than 140mm potrs if possible) I am keen to try this one out.

    • Kath Gadd on


      You could try Sydney Wildflower Nursery ph:95482818, they had them in 200mm pots recently.

      Good Luck,


  5. Claire Akacich on

    How often should these be watered when first planted, I have planted 2 out of 20cm pots and they seem to be dying off, I’m wondering if I have over watered them? Any advice I would be grateful for.

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