Grevillea ‘Dorothy Gordon’

I struggle a little with some of the Large flowering Grevilleas, they tend to attract the more aggressive nectar feeding birds like Rainbow Lorikeets and Noisy Miners. These birds then tend to dominate the garden scaring away the smaller more timid birds. However I do make an exception for a hand full of large flowering Grevilleas, which are just too useful in their habit and also provide food for pollinators. Grevillea ‘Dorothy Gordon’ is one of my exceptions.

Grevillea ‘Dorothy Gordon’

The pink and dark burgundy two toned flowers, occur throughout the year, watching them unfurl into a fluffy brush is most satisfying. They retain the purple centre which is even more visible one the styles have been released.

Grevillea ‘Dorothy Gordon’

The fern like leaves are a soft grey green and the stems and new growth is a lovely bronze colour. This gives the shrub an unusual texture in the garden which can be combined with weeping or lush green foliage for great contrast and affect.

Grevillea ‘Dorothy Gordon’

Grevillea ‘Dorothy Gordon’ is best suited to an open sunny position with well drained soil but can grow in light shade and will cope with a heavier clay soil.

Grevillea ‘Dorothy Gordon’

This shrub is also drought tolerant and once established will cope with light frost but perhaps the most wonderful thing about it is it will not keel over in an east coast humid Summer!

Grevillea ‘Dorothy Gordon’

Like all fast growing large flowered Grevilleas it is best to give it a yearly prune after flowering. his will stop it getting too leggy and becoming weak. The root system grows more slowly than the shrub and can become weak and prone to failing in wet or windy weather.

Grevillea ‘Dorothy Gordon’

So it you are looking for a showy flowering native shrub in a mixed screen or as a feature shrub this invaluable Grevillea ticks all the boxes. Plus it is my favouroute colourite pallette of grevy foliage and pink flowers 😉

Grevillea ‘Dorothy Gordon’ and Leptospermum ‘Little Lemon Scents’


One response to “The Invaluable Grevillea ‘Dorothy gordon’”

  1. Leah

    Hi Kath,
    What a great post! I’m loving my Dorothy Gordon (affectionately ‘Dot’ for my dear Grandma), planted on your recommendation. Given she flowers year round, when is the best time to prune? And do you have any advice on pruning this lovely shrub? Mine has grown so quickly, and looking beautiful even following two big Illawarra downpours. It is a joy! Thank you!

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