Generally I am drawn to plants which are tactile and gentle, whether that be a weeping habit, furry leaf or light breezy foliage. By nature many of our Australian native plants have a grey or silver leaf, which helps them withstand extreme heat or salty sea air, this type of leaf I love as it is soft on the eye and contrasts beautifully with other more luscious plants.

Grevillea preissii ‘Sea Spray’

Grevillea preissii ‘Seapsray’ is a soft foliaged, low spreading coastal variant of Grevillea preissii, growing up to High 0.5m wide and around the same wide this Grevillea is extremely tactile and simply lights up in the sunshine.

Grevillea preissii ‘Sea Spray’

Native to Western Australia, this Grevillea is ideal for coastal gardens and sandy soil in low humidity areas. It is also frost and drought hardy once established.

Grevillea preissii ‘Sea Spray’

Like most Grevillea species this is an excellent bird attracting plant, along with butterflies and other pollinating insects. It will grow happily in funll sun to partshade and can also cope with wind and exposed conditions.

Grevillea preissii ‘Sea Spray’

If left alone Grevillea ‘Seaspray’ will form into a spreading shrub with arching branches, if you prefer a neater shape give it a tip prune after flowering.

Grevillea preissii ‘Sea Spray’

If you can’t provide this Grevillea with what it requires in a garden bed, it is also quite well suited to being planted in a large pot or container. This will ensure the sharp drainage it needs whilst also giving it ample airflow around the base.


One response to “Soft and Foamy Grevillea’Seaspray’”

  1. Maree Davison

    I have one of these, love its silvery foliage. I bought it as tubestock and I have to keep checking they didn’t sell me an Adenanthos instead, as it is so like it in foliage except not so soft. So far doing well in Newcastle’s humidity, and if it goes well I think its a good east coast alternative to a Woolly Bush.

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