This is a little known Grevillea Hybrid which has been around for a long time, I have never really understood why this Grevillea isn’t more widely used. It is highly ornamental and spends much of the year in flower. In fact semperflorens actually means always blooming. It is a hrybrid between G. thelemanniana and a yellow-flowered form of G. juniperina, this is what makes it frost tolerant and very soft and delicate.

Grevillea x semperflorens

I love the habit of this medium shrub, you can prune it, butI prefer the long, wispy stems which reach out for the sunlight and wave in the breeze, it has quite a unique habit. Grevillea x semperflorens will grow to 2 metres high by 2 metres wide and responds well to regular tip pruning, as it is always in flower this is best done in Autumn.

Grevillea x semperflorens

The needle-like leaves of this Grevillea are quite sharp, making it an excellent refuge for smaller birds to shelter in.

Grevillea x semperflorens

In the image above you can see how dense this medium sized shrub can get. As it is quite adaptable to either full sun or part shade it lends itself to make a reliable screening plant.

Grevillea x semperflorens

An interesting plant nerdy fact about this Grevillea is that it is the first recorded grevillea hybrid, it was found in a garden in the UK in Plymouth all the way back in the 1920’s. I love the idea of someone growing enough Grevilleas in England that they would hybridise and this plant is now cultivated on the other side of the globe, pure plant nerd joy!

Grevillea x semperflorens

You may only be able to find this species in tube stock as it isn’t that widely cultivated, but if you come across it its well worth growing in your garden for the year round flowers.


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