Outstanding: Grevillea arenaria

This is an outstanding plant for attracting birds, providing nesting habitat, shelter and nectar for honeyeaters and insectivorous birds.

George Adams ‘Birdscaping Australian Gardens’

Thanks George I couldn’t have said it any better! I love my copy of the above book and use it all the time, I also love Grevillea arenaria or the Nepaean Spider Flower. For its dainty, delicate flowers, dense habit and grey green leaves.

I grow it not only for its wildlife habitat possibilities but because I love the hairy/silky leaves and the fact it is happy to grow under large trees and in a heavier soil, eve withstanding a little extra moisture every now and then.

Grevillea arenaria works well planted with other dense shrubs to create a thick thicket to protect wildlife from predators.
In the image below you can see it in the middle, grows in and amongst other dense native shrubs.

Grevillea arenaria grows to approximately 2 metres wide x 2 metres high, will flower throughout most of the year but particularly in late winter to early spring and will grow in full sun through to dappled shade. If you are trying to attract birds to your garden it really is a must have.


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