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  • Native flowers in the deepest dark of Winter

    Native flowers in the deepest dark of Winter

    It has been a long cold, wet Winter here on the southern NSW coast, off and don’t forget windy! In fact my garden experienced a mini tornado a month ago, a micro weather event which sent someones garden shed and contents flying into my garden and uprooted apparently wind break natives. So a couple of…

  • Portfolio: Woolooware Rejuvenation

    Portfolio: Woolooware Rejuvenation

    This native garden in Woolooware has a new owner, someone who is keen to be the new caretaker of the space and is looking forward to maintaining the native plants and learning more about them along the way. Someone who also recognised it was in dire need of renewal to bring it back to its…

  • Outstanding: Grevillea arenaria

    Outstanding: Grevillea arenaria

    Grevillea arenaria flower