My favourite Acacia cognata dwarfs

I used to be completely devoted to Acacia ‘Mini Cog’, one of the many dwarf shrub forms of Acacia cognata or the River Wattle. This image is of ‘Green Mist’ weeping over the edge of a large stone retaining wall, I couldn’t think of a better use for it. Acacia cognata has very narrow long lime green leaves and soft weeping habit, it is a small tree and parent to Acacia ‘Lime Majik’. There are numerous low shrub forms all of which have the soft weeping foliage and lime green leaves and grow quite wide. I have found having to choose between them very difficult and have always favoured ‘Mini Cog’ for its hardiness and shape.

Here you can see ‘Mini Cog’ in the foreground and ‘Green Mist’ behind, the shrub in the front is more…puffy (for want of a better word) and more symmetrical and the one behind has soft weeping clumps to it, giving it a more interesting shape.


The leaves of ‘Green Mist’ are quite a bit longer than ‘Mini Cog’, I have seen ‘Mini Cog’ massed planted as an under storey to a copse of Eucalypts (sorry I didn’t get a photo) and it looked marvellous, just a sea of soft green with the stunning smooth white trunks popping out through it.

Basically these two are both my favourites, ‘Mini Cogs’ as mass planting and ‘Green Mist’ as feature shrubs.


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  1. trish Brannigan on

    will green mist grow in South East Qld . Where I live we can have it very hot humid wet and dry plus frosts will it survive. in this type of climate

    • Kath Gadd on

      Hi Trish,

      Acacia cognata ‘Green Mist’ is one of the hardier cultivars, it should cope with dry and frosts as I have seen it growing beautifully in Canberra. The heat is fine too it just depends how long the humidity lasts, it is worth trying.

      Best Wishes,


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