Lovely shrub of many names: Veronica perfoliata

This is to my knowledge currently¬†Veronica perfoliata, it has gone through several differing identities and name changes, I won’t go into all of that, it just seems a shame as I think it may have detracted people from knowing about this useful plant. Firstly I love it because it has a very Eucalypt like foliage with broad grey green leaves that clasp the stems and seem to spiral out from the plant. Secondly it has an excellent habit, half low spreading ground cover and part feature shrub, it makes a great border or edging plant.



Thirdly, I like the way the flowers are positioned on the ends of the stems and cover the whole plant.

P1090420Veronica perfoliata grows well in part shade in a well drained soil, it is found in south eastern Australia and the ACT. It would be a good candidate for planting under large trees and also looks great as a mass planting.


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