Lovely, Prickly…

There are many lovely pricklies, lovely because they are prickly and just lovelies that happen to be prickly, Acacia amblygona is both. This is a low growing sprawling wattle, that appears thick and luscious from a distance but then when you touch it you get a little shock, it is not as tactile as it makes out to be. It grows naturally in southern QLD and northern NSW so its quite tolerant of humidity, I have found it to also be quite tolerant of shade and still able to flower profusley.



It is suitable to plant as a showy border to a garden bed or as an under storey under large trees. It has a naturally “full’ habit, making it appealing without needing to be pruned into ‘shape’.



Even without flowering it looks lovely with its lime green foliage and bronze new growth. Being a prickly Acacia amblygona is an excellent habitat shrub for small birds especially when inter-planted with larger “pricklies”.

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  1. I’m always interested to read about plants you’ve discovered in your work that would also cope with humidity. This Acacia might do well in my little Brisbane habitat garden. After discovering Mallee Design on Facebook, I am an avid fan of your blog & Pinterest pages 🙂

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