It’s that time of year again! Banksia ‘Coastal Cushions’

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It’s my favourite time of year again Autumn! Hooray! goodbye humidity, I will not miss you and neither will my favourite native plants. Autumn is also wonderful because the Banksias are budding up or out already and everywhere I go lately one particular dwarf Banksia is catching my eye, Banksia spinulosa ‘Coastal Cushions’.

This post is simply going to be photos I have taken this year of ‘Costal Cushions’ looking fabulous in a range of locations, I hope you enjoy.

Banksia ‘Coastal Cushions’ is a dense low growing cultivar of Banksia spinulosa, with lucious green needle like leaves and yellowy orange candles.

Banksia ‘Coastal Cushions only downfall is that it is incredible slow growing, the specimen in the image above has been in the ground 4 years, same as the one below.

This species enjoys a full sun to part shade position and will tolerate clay and sandy soils, however it greatly dislike humidity and it is important to keep mulch away from the base. One way of doing this is to grow it as a spill over or over gravel or rock as in the image below.

It is also important not to give it too much water but at the same time don’t let it dry out, I know, I know it is a hard balance to get right sometimes, however if you can manage that for the first 3 years it will turn into a lovely hardy shrub that requires very little care ever again.

I love seeing them mass planted or planted in groups or clumps, then their foliage really has a chance to shine!

Or … surely every garden has room for one little Banksia ‘Coastal Cushions’?

Happy Autumn!




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