A little research can go a long way. Take some time to think about what you are putting in the ground, I love this photo, I took it several years ago and for me it tells a story. Someone thought it might be a good idea to match their planting with their paint work (nothing wrong with that) and theres this new ‘feature’ plant on the market with ‘architectural’ form! and it is so modern looking! offset it with some mondo grass and boom you have yourself a striking entrance garden…

A striking entrance garden with no flowers, no intrest and no personality. Also nobody told you or you didn’t think about what would happen when this gorgeous ‘architectural’ plant grows, basically they turn into Truffula Trees (except without the wildlife).
Below is a photo of possibly all my least favourite plants grouped together ready for happy punters or the landscape team from a kit home company. Urgh….I’m not going to launch into an attack on the plants themselves, as its not their fault they were bred to look like this, its more the way they are being used in a landscape. Makes me shudder to think where these guys are going to end up.


Everywhere I go I see these plants, tall and straggly, unkept and surrounded by white pebbles, but the worst part is they are planted in the wrong position. Stuck up against the wall of a house, blocking pathways, long leggy stems with a pink variegated puff onto adding now visual impact to the garden bed below. Check the labels peoples, Dracaenas and Cordylines can grow BIG, they have pointy sharp leaves and offer nothing for our native wildlife. Do your research, try to think ahead and remember most “modern” looks very quickly date.




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