The resurgence of the Bottlebrush: Callistemon pachyphyllus Green

I feel like there needs to be a a resurgence in the planting of Callistemon species in home gardens, they have been given a bad name through thoughtless street planting and gardeners overlooking their pruning needs.

There are a handful of Callistemons that I think are worthy of pride of place in a native garden, the first one is Callistemon pachyphyllus Green, a NSW local bottlebrush that grows naturally in coastal heathland in full sun to part shade.

I have been amazed at this plants ability to flower almost all year round, as long as old flowers are removed when finished, this species seems to spot flower throughout the year and put on two full on shows in Spring and Autumn.

Callistemon pachyphyllus is a small to medium sized shrub and the green flowered form is the variety viridis which is found throughout the range of the species. Growing to between 1.5 and 2 metres high and the same wide it has a soft weeping habit with grey green leaves and showy pale lime flowers.

Callistemon pachyphyllus Green makes an excellent screening or hedging plant and is bird and bee attracting. It withstands strong winds and periods of drought and temporary boggy soils. It flowers best in full sun but also performs quite well in part-shade.

I like combining this Callistemon with grey leaved foliage to set off the lime flowers and reddish new growth. Strangely enough the flowers also last in a vase for unto 5 days, its a fantastic beginner gardeners plant and something a little different in the Bottlebrush genus, give it a try!


2 thoughts on “The resurgence of the Bottlebrush: Callistemon pachyphyllus Green

  1. Sally Moss on

    For a massed planting of the Callistemon pachyphyllus (green) in a partly shaded, windy coastal environment, what spacings would you recommend?

    • Kath Gadd on

      Hi Sally,

      I would plant them 700mm to 1m apart, and tip prune them to keep them bushy.

      Best Wishes,


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