One for that difficult damp spot: Bauera rubioides

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This is Dog Rose one of the few native plants with a likeable common name 😉 Bauera rubioides grows happily in those moist positions in sun or shade where other native plants rot or succumb to fungal diseases. It makes a wonderful low hedge or border plant if pruned, other wise it likes to scramble all over the place, often in the bush you will see it attempting to become a climber.

Bauera rubioides can be found growing naturally all alomng the esat coast of Australia along creek banks and in moist sandstone crevices. It is a small, bushy shrub between 0.3 and 1.5 metres in height and aproximet 1-1.5 metres in width and flowers year round.

There is also a white form of Dog Rose and a low prostrate cultivar, both enjoy similar conditions to the regular Bauera rubioides. This plant will let you know if it is thirsty by drooping stem tips, it grows well in a pot and is dense enough to be a good weed suppressant.


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  1. Just stunning photos Kath!! It’s such a pretty plant but can be hard to photograph.

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