The Elegant Wilga: Geijera parviflora

This beautiful, weeping small tree is known as Wilga or Australian Willow and willowy it is, its long, narrow, pendulous leaves droop down creating a dense shade umbrella. Unfortunately this Australian native tree is used quite infrequently in gardens or urban horticulture, this is mainly due to availability issues but also as it is quite a slow growing species.

I have seen it only a handful of times planted in inner city Sydney as a street tree, I would dearly love to see it feature more often as a specimen tree in parks and gardens as its weeping habit is both striking and useful.

Geijera parviflora flowers from winter through to Summer with tiny perfumed flowers that are responsible for producing a delicious dark honey, its leaves can also be burnt to resell mosquitos.

As it originates from central NSW and QLD it is extremely drought hardy and makes a useful farm fodder tree.

However I mainly love it for the weeping branches and the way they move in the breeze, growing to only 8 or 9 metres tall and approximately 6 to 7 wide it will provide a nicely sized shade canopy for small to medium gardens. The thick crown also makes an excellent screening for privacy.



12 thoughts on “The Elegant Wilga: Geijera parviflora

  1. gardener on

    This is starting to be used as a street tree in Adelaide, all the specimens I have seen are still quite small. I haven’t seen it available for sale though.

  2. Kathy Hoare on

    These lovely trees are flourishing along both sides of Holthouse St Wilmington SA. You can see them on Google earth but they were young trees then and now much bigger. I’ve tried to buy them but unavailable. I’ve got some seeds to germinate but I’m hoping they don’t die when I repot. Most people say it’s hard to get seeds to germinate but so far I have 6 from 10 seeds.

  3. Kathy on

    I bought so called Wilga seeds on eBay but after they germinated and grew, they are definitely not Wilga seeds. The seller keeps advertising them on eBay !!

    • Kath Gadd on

      Hi Kathy,

      Are they a registered nursery grower? if so you could notify the Nursery Association NGIA.
      Have you also formally let the grower know?

      Best Wishes,


    • Sue on

      Hi Kathy, I also bought these seeds but don’t know what they should look like when they sprout. Do you have a photo of a freshly sprouting wilga tree please ?

  4. Kathy on

    Hi Kath and Sue,
    Sorry! I only just saw your posts! I informed the seller about the seeds but to no avail. I read that eBay isn’t too concerned with false advertising as they get revenue from it! The seeds they sold as Geijera Parviflora (Wilga) are actually Golden rain tree seeds. I don’t want to grow these trees as they have lots of seed pods. I bought genuine Wilga seeds from Gardeners and Graziers website but they won’t be ready for a couple weeks.

  5. doug on

    would love to know witch supplier they are as i have just orderd some seeds on ebay hopefully not the same one cheers

    • john byatt on

      i boughtseeds from Gardners and graziers, sprouting now google

    • Kath Gadd on

      Hi Emma,

      Those photos were taken on Lewisham Street Dulwich Hill,

      Best Wishes,


  6. Wilga trees also grow happily inside eucalypts. I have many of these Trees in Trees on my property in far Nth West NSW. See – go to the Trees in Trees archive and you can see many of these weird 2 headed trees.

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