Just because it’s beautiful….Grevillea insignis

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Sometimes I feel the urge to promote plants based on their aesthetic appeal and not much more really… and this is one of them Grevillea insignis, this is a little bit indulgent but I saw this Grevillea growing in Cranbourne Botanic Gardens earlier this year and was instantly drawn to it.

I do love a holly shaped leaf like the leaf on Grevillea flexuosa, only this Grevillea has that lovely shape but it is also chunky and glaucous! The leaves are spikey and dense on the arching branches, making it a perfect habitat plant for small birds.

Grevillea insignis grows naturally in Western Australia on poor and rocky soils, however I do remember seeing it growing at the Bulli Grevillea Park, not sure whether it was grafted or not, so look out for it.

It grows to between 2-4 metres high by the same wide and enjoys full sun to part shade.

The red, cream or pink spider flowers are born from August to December and sometimes into January like when I saw them. Grevillea insignis would make an excellent screen or hedging plant or a stand alone feature shrub adding interest even when not in flower. The new growth is a bright bronze red making the Grevillea appear to glow when the sun is behind it.

This Grevillea is definitely one to look out for and to snap up and find a place for in your garden after the fact, sorry I know thats not what a good gardener designer is supposed to do however sometimes the plant collector in me takes over 😉


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