This is a very, very special garden that I visited last year, from the moment I walked in, the space spoke to me. It is private and secluded and quite small, but jam packed with Illawarra indigenous species.

There are creative touches throughout, like the sculpture made with an old cart wheel rim and stones and the concrete bath pond (complete with bull rushes) that I am very jealous of!

P1030243The garden has been made almost exclusively with native plants that you would find in the Illawarra, meaning that it is a wonderful host for the native birds in the area. Check out the beautiful decorative berries of Emmenosperma alphitonoides, a medium sized tree that is wonderful for screening.



Thre is a wonderful thick forest of native trees all over the garden which provides visual privacy and also is a species gallery for the local trees. Omalanthus populifolius can be seen here amongst the Lomandras doing its ‘thing’ it loves to self seed and is such a quick growing small tree that it is highly useful as a colonising plant to use whilst other things get established.



Here is a beautifully built up and planted out section of the garden, the pathway rambling past tiered levels made by large stones in a gabion basket wall.



And lastly a photo of  Morinda jasminoides showing thick and luscious growth that covers the wires on a balustrade.




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