The purple punch of Prostanthera ovalifolia

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There is something about this particular shade of purple that is both eye catching and calming at the same time, it’s a lovely vibrant lilac which covers the entire shrub and lights up a shady corner. This native Mint Bush also does well in full sun as well as part shade, making it quite a versatile species.

Prostanthera ovalifolia

Prostanthera ovalifolia is a wonderful bee attracting species, and becuase of its strongly scented foliage makes an excellent shrub to plant near pathways, outdoor entertaining areas and windows, so you too can benefit from the refreshing, bushy, minty smell.

Prostanthera ovalifolia

Native mint bush is a useful large shrub to plant under canopy trees as it will tolerate the dappled light, it does require a little bit of extra watering during the drier months but generally is suited to a well drained soil.

Prostanthera ovalifolia

Prostenthera ovalifolia requires regular tip pruning in order to retain a dense bushy habit, if left alone it will become open and rangy and only flower on the ends of its stems.

Prostanthera ovalifolia

There are other forms of Prostanthera ovalifolia, a white form and also a variegated leaf cultivar which I am strangely rather fond of 😉 The variegation on the leaf makes the plant seem lighter and almost grey from afar and gives excellent contrast in a shady corner, I will post about this form at a later stage.

Prostanthera ovalifolia

The smell of Mint Bush really does quickly evoke the feeling of the bush in your garden and is one of my favourite scented native plants. The punchy purple flowers are just an added bonus for this great native shrub.


3 responses to “The purple punch of Prostanthera ovalifolia”

  1. Vesna

    This is a delightful looking plant. Do you think it would work well in south facing aspect? Full afternoon sun in summer and shade rest of the year.

    1. Kath Gadd

      Hi Vesna,

      Mint bush can handle full afternoon sun if you keep it very well watered, it won’t like to dry out. It can deal with some shade but won’t like a dark spot for most of the year. You might be better off going with something that had larger foliage and is a bit more shade tolerant.

      All the best,

  2. Vesna

    Hi Kath, sorry I missed your reply and thanks for the advice. 🙂

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