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  • Portfolio: Bundeena Tree House

    Portfolio: Bundeena Tree House

    This an amazing house which spills over a sandstone outcrop and is placed underneath a giant fig tree. It is sheltered by a stand of Casuarinas and hidden from the street by its rapidly growing native garden. The garden has been in for a couple of years and benefitted greatly from our recent wet Summer.…

  • Portfolio: Jamberoo Consults

    Portfolio: Jamberoo Consults

    I have been visiting this rural property on and off for the last 3 years, each time providing the client with onsite sketch designs for different areas of the expansive garden. Working on this garden has been an absolute pleasure and I look forward to each new stage. The client has a knack for collecting…

  • Portfolio: Bexley Garden Design

    Portfolio: Bexley Garden Design

    This is a sweet little garden I designed about 4 years ago and it has been lovingly slowly built by the owner’s friend. It is a small rear garden behind a modest brick house in the south western suburbs of Sydney where the mc-mansions are taking over. On my visit today the first thing I…

  • Tapestry Gardens 2: MONA

    Tapestry Gardens 2: MONA

    When I was at Mona in Hobart last month as always I had my camera with me, I love the planting design at MONA and I had a few spare minutes between consuming modern art to snap some inspiring pictures. I took these photos because I loved the plant combinations and wanted to sure these…

  • Portfolio: Bulli Garden Design

    Portfolio: Bulli Garden Design

    This garden is located in the costal northern Wollongong suburb of Wollongong, on a low ridge and midway down a slope. When I saw the garden for the first time it was directly after the new house had been built, lawn, new soil and mulch had been installed already. The garden was planted out on…

  • Portfolio: Marrickville Sketch Design

    Portfolio: Marrickville Sketch Design

    This is a garden that I have been visiting for a couple of years now, each time I spend an hour or two doing some sketches for the owners to move to the next ‘stage’. It is a wonderful garden spilling over with healthy plants, edibles mixed in with exotics and natives all thriving and…

  • Portfolio: Bundeena Re-visited

    Portfolio: Bundeena Re-visited

    We really, really love our garden and are so happy to spend time in it…   When I walked up to the front gate of this garden last week I must admit I was quite moved, moved by how settled the plants looked, moved by the quick growth and the way the garden is beginning…

  • Portfolio: Bundeena Garden Design

    Portfolio: Bundeena Garden Design

    A steep bush block backing onto the National Park with 180 degree stunning views of the water, how inspiring! When I saw this garden I was pretty much blown away, what a dream to be able to work on this property, the house was newly built and nearly finished, the path and boulders were in…

  • Portfolio: North Bondi Garden Design

    Portfolio: North Bondi Garden Design

    This is a very young garden, as it was planted out only 10 months ago, I think the establishment of the garden is amazing. This is a coastal garden, basically second line coastal, with strong salt laden winds and a very very sandy soil. The clients wanted a native ‘cottage’ style garden with plenty of…

  • Favourite grass

    Favourite grass

    Ficinia nodosa or as previously known Isolepsis is one of my favourite grasses, it grows anywhere from sand dunes to swamps.