Enjoying Pig Face: Carpobrotus glaucescens

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Carpobrotus or ‘Pig Face’ is one of my favourite bush foods to eat, it tastes like an over-ripe Kiwi fruit with a salty edge,  delicious! This morning as we were rambling through our local sand dune and beach my son found a pig face fruit and what do you know I had my camera handy 😉


Carpobrotus glaucescens usually fruits in Summer and Autumn therefore we could only find half a dozen fruit on our dune. I have only recently figured out how to find and eat the fruit, so I thought I would try to show clearly what to look for.


This is what the fruit the fruit looks like when you pick it, “the fruits are purplish-red with 2 horns”  ‘Wild Food Plants of Australia by Tim Low.



To access the fruit you hold it with the opening up and horns down and squeeze.



Until it pops out, its quite fun.



The little fruit is white and brown, it should pop out easily, if it doesn’t it is not ripe.



In the image above you can see the insides are full of little brown seeds, very similar to a Kiwi fruit.



Then you eat it, yum, yum!!!  a great snack to be foraged after being tossed about in the surf 🙂 Enjoy!


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