Backyard Festival Wollongong Botanic Gardens


This Sunday Mallee Design will be at the Wollongong Botanic Gardens for the Sustainable Backyard Festival. I will be selling Australian Native Plants, probably more hybrids and cultivars as the Botanic Garden will be selling indigenous species, and giving advice Read more ›

Native Bees


All winter long, on warm sunny days I have been able to step into my garden and hear the low humming from the bees in my Eucalypts, at times the noise has been breath takingingly loud. It has been a Read more ›

Fish and frogs eggs


I have noticed a distinct lack of frogs eggs in my pond over the last 6 months, this image is of my Villarsia exaltata full of eggs over the summer. This particular plant was the favoured plant by the frogs for Read more ›

The Wonder of Wildflowers!


This is a little class/chat/presentation I am giving in September, with Wild Rumpus all about Illawarra’s wonderful wildflowers that are starting to flower now! I will be chatting about where you can see a good range of spring flowers around Wollongong, Read more ›