The Grevillea screen that could: Grevillea ‘Dorothy Gordon’

This is a Grevillea that can…screen out neighbours, fill an empty hole quickly, attract nectar feeding birds, give privacy, flowers profusely and is quite unusual looking. I would say its closest cousin is Grevillea ‘Strawberry Blonde’ another favourite of mine which also has bronze new growth and a large toothbrush flower spike.

Grevillea ‘Dorothy Gordon’ is a hybrid selection with parentage from Western Australian and Queensland as both parents are greatly separated botanically and regionally Grevillea ‘Dorothy Gordon’ will produce no fertile seeds, making it a great addition to gardens located close to natural bush areas.

I love this Grevillea for its soft ferny leaf which appears almost blue-grey when planted next to lime green or bronze when planted next to others with a silver foliage, as you can see below.

Grevillea ‘Dorothy Gordon’ grows very quickly to 3 metres high and about 3 metres wide, it requires =regular pruning to keep it dense and strong.

The flowers are sometimes described as purple but really they are a musk pink, as they open sometimes they appear as a dark pink which may be confused with purple ….? you shall have to grow one for yourself and get back to me 😉

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