Striking small inner city front garden

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Oh so refreshing to see a small terrace garden used to maximum effect! Imagine if this was more common? how wonderful it would be to walk down an inner city street and see native birds running amok, as they were doing here in the grafted Eucalyptus ficifolia. Well lets face it to walk down any sort of suburban street that was filled with native gardens would be heaven, it is my dream to have natives in everyones garden, a long shot but it should keep me busy 😉


As underplanting they have managed to squeeze in Banksia blechnifolia, Thryptomene saxicola ‘FC Payne’, Banksia spinulosa dwarf,a Xanthorrhoea and some grasses, but pride of place is this Themeda ‘Mingo’ that is spilling out onto the street, I never realised it was capable of that.


Below you can see how interesting the bark on the grafted Eucalyptus is becoming, peeling with patches of smooth grey, browns and beige, this will continue to grow raising the canopy to make it a more visible feature, whilst still retaining privacy to the front windows.



So here you can see what can be achieved in a space barely 8m2, hopefully I am not the only one inspired by this garden.


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