Some plants are just plain tough: Melaleuca ‘Ulladulla Beacon’

I seem to be on a bit of a Melaleuca tangent of late so I am just going to go with it, Melaleucas are tough and perform beautifully under a range of conditions especially in a heavier clay soil, this is one of the many reasons I love Melaleuca hypericifolia ‘Ulladulla Beacon’.

Melaleuca ‘Ulladulla Beacon’ is a prostrate form of Melaleuca hypericifolia, it has a naturally soft weeping habit and makes a dense, quick growing mounding or carpeting shrub.

It also prunes beautifully, in the image above you can see it pruned formally into a striking low hedge.

‘Ulladulla Beacon’ flowers in spring, producing large bright orangey red flowers that are attractive to birds and other nectar seeking animals.
But my favourite feature of this plant is its interesting foliage and they way it works so well as a spill over on walls, rocks and garden edges, without ever missing a beat, it is super hardy!


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