My favourite geebung: Persoonia pinifolia

The geebungs are a wonderful family, have you met them yet? it is hard to pick one to be my favourite, Persoonia levis comes in at a close second for its amazing peeling bark with bright red layers, but pinifolia has that weeping habit and I am always a sucker for something that looks soft in the garden.



Persoonia pinifolia is also called the pine leaved geebung for obvious reasons, however those needle like leaves aren’t at all prickly.
The foliage without the flower is quite breath taking, it is a deep green with the new growth a lovely lime. Persoonia pinifolia likes a well drained soil as it is a Sydney sandstone local, it grows as an under story plant in Angophora forest so it will cope with part or dappled shade.


Persoonia pinifolia also enjoys a sheltered postion, protected from strong damaging winds. The bright yellow flower spikes form in Summer and are followed by large fleshy fruits in early winter. These fruits can be eaten as a bush food and taste best when they turn a deep reddish purple, however the birds and other wildlife usually get to them first and the only ones I have tasted have been un-ripe and not particularly pleasant. Just as well it is so pretty 😉



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