Bee Friendly Grevillea: Grevillea sericea

Grevillea sericea is a very useful shrub in a native garden, it makes a wonderful small bird habitat plant with its prickly leaves and small spider flowers, it will grow and flower in part to heavy shade and it can be pruned into a dense low screen, plus it lasts for weeks as a cut flower.

In the image above you can see it used as a mid-story feature shrub, behind Eriostemon ‘Starsprite’, Grevillea sericea is found growing locally around Sydney in sandstone bush land.

Grevillea sericea grows to between one and two metres high, enjoys a free draining soil and likes a sheltered position. It flowers from autumn through winter and on into spring and attracts large numbers of bees.

My favourite aspect of this Grevillea is its flower colour, its not quite Pink but not quite purple either, I would call it a beautiful shade of Mauve …?





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