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  • Portfolio: Jamberoo Consults

    Portfolio: Jamberoo Consults

    I have been visiting this rural property on and off for the last 3 years, each time providing the client with onsite sketch designs for different areas of the expansive garden. Working on this garden has been an absolute pleasure and I look forward to each new stage. The client has a knack for collecting…

  • Portfolio: Coledale Consults

    Portfolio: Coledale Consults

    I have been consulting on this coastal garden for about 3 years now maybe a bit more, and it has really begun to settle in, some of the growth especially in the rear garden is amazing. The client has installed a beautiful mosaic letterbox made by his sister, it is large and bright and a…

  • Portfolio: Gordon Garden Design

    Portfolio: Gordon Garden Design

    I am really enjoying watching the garden settle in, thank you for all your efforts This is Stage 1 of a garden I am working on in Gordon in the northern suburbs of Sydney. The front garden went in about 6 months ago and has flourished over the summer months with the loving care of…