Hot Tea-trees: Leptospermum ‘Pageant’ and ‘Outrageous’

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I love tea trees but don’t often think of them as particularly showy when in flower, except for ‘Cardwell’ of course which almost flowers until on the verge of collapse 😉 Leptospermums for me are a super useful and beautiful screening plant, often with scented foliage and pretty bark. They can have leaves in colours from silver to red and are wonderful for attracting insects and insect eating birds to your garden.

But Leptospermums are now being bred specifically for their showy blooms in this blog post I will talk about two bright show stoppers, the first is Leptospermum ‘Outrageous’.

‘Outrageous’ is a hybrid between Leptospermum polygalifolium ‘Cardwell’ and Leptospermum ‘Rhiannon’. It is a medium shrub which grows to about 2 metres high by 1.5 wide.

The second bright tea tree is Leptospermum ‘Pageant’, a low spreading shrub that has a spectacular display of purplish-pink flowers on long weeping stems.

This dense tea tree makes excellent small bird habitat, especially when regularly pruned. Crimson Rosellas and species of parrot will also feed on the seed.

The majority of the new Leptospermum bright and heavy flower selections are bred by Bywong Nursery, check out the link below to see their full range and plan a few, the world needs more tea trees :)


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