Shade Tolerant Grevillea: Grevillea oleoides

There aren’t that many Grevilleas that grow well in shade, let alone also flower in positions with limited sun. Grevillea oleoides is one of them, along with Grevillea sericea, ¬†sherissii and rhyolitica then you have a small group of faithfully. I love the shape of oleo ides the best though, it is un-usual how the flowers often form on the lower branches almost nestled inside the shrub, a little like a Hakea.



This makes it a wonderful Grevillea for small birds as the flowers are hidden from the larger parrots and probably not rich enough in nectar to attract anything bigger than a Rainbow lorrikeet.

P1120471It’s dense upright foliage also makes it a very useful screening plant as when pruned it will thicken up and can be trained to be quite narrow, above you can see how it branches from close to the ground giving coverage for a full 2 to 3 metres.
Grevillea oleoides is endemic to NSW especially from the Illawarra though to northern Sydney and it would be great to see this plant being used ornamentally more in native gardens. IT is found growing naturally in the moister areas sclerophyll forest, preferring creek margins and a heavier soil.



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      Hi Carolyn,

      That depends where you’re located. Can you tell me what state/region you’re in? You can get G. oleoides from Wildtech online native nursery ( but not as a grafted form.

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