Mint Bush: Prostanthera rotundifolia


The Australian mint bushes really smell far superior to regular mint, not as sweet a bit more citric.

Prostanthera rotundifolia is the round leaf species, I love a round leaf, and it grows quickly and is highly perfumed. This is an example of it used to great a hedge, as it does grow fast you can see it hedges quite well, it would be a welcoming entrance  planting to walk through everyday to get to your front door. I’ve found Prostantheras’ to be very forgiving of quite heavy shade however they can be a bit finicky if it is hot and wet.


2 thoughts on “Mint Bush: Prostanthera rotundifolia

  1. linda ellis on

    Have just found it with Brown leavers and looking dead can I cut it down will it come back or have I lost it its in a tub

  2. Kath Gadd on

    Hi Linda,

    That depends on what sort of brown leaves are they brownish black and soft or dry and brittle?

    Best Wishes,


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