Level 2 Water Restriction friendly plants: Calothamnus quadrifidus

Yesterday NSW moved into level 2 water restrictions, it has been a long time coming, with bushfires still burning up and down the east coast and dam levels at an all time low. The hardest hit are out west where Read more ›

Mother appreciation day: 10% discount on Mallee Spun Copper Dishes

As far as I am concerned Mothers Day is a load of consumer hype, mothers should be appreciated everyday not once a year, you can tell that this mother is tired ūüėČ I dream of having¬†a deep veranda with a Read more ›

The Beautiful Gardens of Zanthorrea Nursery

I set aside a morning to visit the Zanthorrea Nursery when I was in Western Australia last August. This was a much anticipated adventure as I have heard much about the nursery and often have recommended it to Western Australians Read more ›