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  • Portfolio: Connells Point Consults

    Portfolio: Connells Point Consults

    I had the pleasure today of revisiting some regular clients in Connells Point for some follow up advice. I first began helping with this garden in 2013 and then planted and weeded some areas that were more difficult to get to. You see, this is an amazing garden, it has three distinct areas and is…

  • Wombarra Sculpture Gardens

    Wombarra Sculpture Gardens

    The Wombarra sculpture garden is best described by the owners own words below …a distinctive Illawarra rainforest native garden in harmony with sculpture. Gaby Porter and John Haymes bought the four hectare property in 1997 and have lovingly transformed it into a private oasis to share for art and garden lovers alike.¬†http://www.wombarra.com The garden is…

  • Illawarra dwarf bleeding heart: Homolanthus stillingifolius

    Illawarra dwarf bleeding heart: Homolanthus stillingifolius

    This is Homolanthus stillingifolius or dwarf bleeding heart, a reasonably rare shrub growing in the Illawarra area. I was given this as a seedling from a neighbour who was a bush carer and collected the seed. Its leaves look like miniatures of the regular bleeding heart, they are delicate and light up easily in the…

  • Lomandra as a fence screen

    Lomandra as a fence screen

    When I planted these Lomandra hystrix I had no idea that they would work so well to cover the 1.8m high fence, now when I look at this area I realise how perfect they are.It is a difficult spot, fairly shady and not a great deal of soil but these Lomandras have filled out nicely…

  • Rainforest Shade

    Rainforest Shade

    This image shows a well put together rainforest planting in full shade.