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  • Kings Park Favourites

    Kings Park Favourites

    This post is about one of my visits to Kings Park last month, I went twice and still felt as though I hadn’t seen everything, however the images I took were mainly of plants that I think can be grown on the east coast of NSW. This blog post is about some of my favourites.┬áThe…

  • Smoking Native Seeds

    Smoking Native Seeds

    Some Genus of native plants can be notoriously difficult to propagate and the seeds almost impossible to germinate. There are some native species that are bush fire dependant in order for their seed to be released and then become viable. One way that people replicate this process in order to try to grow these species…

  • Some Favourite Late Winter Flowering Natives

    Some Favourite Late Winter Flowering Natives

    The end of a very dismal grey wet period has come finally! and the sun is appearing ever so bright and dazzling, I have been to the beach 4 times in the last three days, rejoicing! So I thought I would focus on those wonderful winter flowering natives that always amaze me in the colder…