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  • How to Plant a Grass Tree

    How to Plant a Grass Tree

    The grass tree is a very symbolic plant to have in a native garden. They can be a specimen plant, a feature plant or work well with a minimalist Japanese theme, and they look amazing in containers. Planting one can be a little daunting as there are many stories out there of them turning up…

  • Yellow, Cream and White Orchids: Dendrobium speciosum

    Yellow, Cream and White Orchids: Dendrobium speciosum

    It is a most fabulous season for the Dendrobium speciosums this year, there is no other word for it, they are putting on a massive show whenever I see them, and they seem to be everywhere all of a sudden, many of them in non native gardens which is always great to see.

  • Acacia cardiophylla

    Acacia cardiophylla

    I am always on the look out for small “feature trees”, something that can be planted in front of a hedge and still be walked under. Or to be placed in a garden bed and have enough space to have some underplanting beneath the canopy.

  • Mint Bush: Prostanthera rotundifolia

    Mint Bush: Prostanthera rotundifolia

      The Australian mint bushes really smell far superior to regular mint, not as sweet a bit more citric.

  • Hanging leaf pattern

    Hanging leaf pattern

    Myoporum floribundum would have to be the most delicate looking shrub around, the long leaves hang down almost vertically and when it is in flower the tiny white buds sit atop the stems in a unusual arrangement.