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  • Portfolio: Jamberoo Consults

    Portfolio: Jamberoo Consults

    I have been visiting this rural property on and off for the last 3 years, each time providing the client with onsite sketch designs for different areas of the expansive garden. Working on this garden has been an absolute pleasure and I look forward to each new stage. The client has a knack for collecting…

  • Portfolio: Garden Designs Gordon Update

    Portfolio: Garden Designs Gordon Update

    This is an update about one garden, however within that one garden are 3 very different areas and these areas were approached as stand alone projects and designs and built secretly. I was gaining to blog about them separately but I think it is nice to show how varied one garden can be. You can…

  • Portfolio: Gordon Garden Design

    Portfolio: Gordon Garden Design

    This is stage 3 or the final stage of a large garden I have been working on in Gordon. The rear of the property backs onto bushland which is quite weedy, the space itself held several large indigenous trees but not much else. The site is steep with a sandstone drop where some very well…