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  • Hardy Plants for a Pre-school Garden

    Hardy Plants for a Pre-school Garden

    I was given the pleasure of helping to build part of my daughters pre-school garden last year, they had a drawing from a few years back and hadn’t been able to afford to do anything with it. They are a not for profit Pre-school and have a wonderful base of talented teachers and passionate parents.…

  • Wombarra Sculpture Gardens

    Wombarra Sculpture Gardens

    The Wombarra sculpture garden is best described by the owners own words below …a distinctive Illawarra rainforest native garden in harmony with sculpture. Gaby Porter and John Haymes bought the four hectare property in 1997 and have lovingly transformed it into a private oasis to share for art and garden lovers alike.¬†http://www.wombarra.com The garden is…

  • 4 Reliable Shadies

    4 Reliable Shadies

    I have been visiting many shady gardens lately, where there hasn’t really been much scope for planting anything besides ferns and their relatives. This has made me stop and think about tough, reliable shade plants, natives for ground cover, lower layer and upper layer, that can co-exist underneath the canopy of large rainforest trees such…