Tag: Anigozanthos ‘Orange Cross’

  • Why are Kangaroo Paws so hard to photograph?

    Why are Kangaroo Paws so hard to photograph?

    I have found photographing Kangaroo Paws to be extremely frustrating, which is a great shame as they are one of my favourite native plants. They are showy, have long lasting flowers, a weeping leaf habit mixed with the striking vertical flower stems making them an excellent feature plant. However when I go to photograph them…

  • Portfolio: Marrickville Sketch Design

    Portfolio: Marrickville Sketch Design

    This is a garden that I have been visiting for a couple of years now, each time I spend an hour or two doing some sketches for the owners to move to the next ‘stage’. It is a wonderful garden spilling over with healthy plants, edibles mixed in with exotics and natives all thriving and…