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  • Pittosporum revolutum and its eye catching fruit

    Pittosporum revolutum and its eye catching fruit

    This is Pittosporum revolutum, a medium shrub with jasmine-scented blossoms which flowers profusley in Spring and then is covered in decorative fruit in Autumn. When flowering the scent permeates the whole garden and is often commented on by visitors. In the bush it grows as an understory plant and often gets quite leggy, but pruning…

  • Portfolio: Summer Hill Garden Design

    Portfolio: Summer Hill Garden Design

    This tiny garden in Sydney’s inner west is very shady to say the least, there were three existing native trees in the garden competing for space. However, they are all relatively small and although they took up most of the direct sun they also manage to create a relaxed ‘bushy’ feel to a high density…

  • More Native Christmas Trees

    More Native Christmas Trees

    Whilst I am feeling slightly Christmassy I thought I’d sing the praise of one of our most recognisable native plants, the NSW Christmas Bush Horah! don’t they look amazing at the moment? something in  the strange spring we had must be setting them off. I love these trees whether they are in their white spring…