Tag: Eremophila nivea ‘Beryls Blue’

  • Front garden makeovers

    Front garden makeovers

    One of my ‘dreams’ is to walk down a suburban street and be able to admire one native front garden after another. I am always on the look out, when walking or driving, and the well-loved gardens (especially the native ones) always pop out at me. Gardens where people have made an effort and show…

  • Silky Emu Bush: Eremophila nivea Grafted

    Silky Emu Bush: Eremophila nivea Grafted

    This has to be one of the most tactile of native plants, rivalled closely by¬†Adenanthos sericeus, with its silver white foliage and hundreds of purple flowers it is a coveted specimen for many gardeners. The bees love it too as you can see in the image above.   Eremophila nivea is absolutely striking even when…